Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener


Why Choose Our Chainsaw Sharpener:

Our Chainsaw Sharpener has been focused provided guests with more quality equipment and a better customer experience to improve the quality of life.

It is suitable for professionals, factories, schools, enthusiasts, or homes.

Chainsaw Blade Sharpener - A Perfect Woodworking Tool for You!



 Instructions for Use 




step 1

Pull down the security board

Open the grinding chain utensil

step 2

Fix the chain to the position shown

by the chainsaw sharpener rivet



step 3

close the outer casing of the chain cutter

and Push the security board

step 4

gently squeeze the chain saw down

until it touches the grindstone.

Enjoy your woodworking time



Absolutely Safe

Our grindstones will protect your hands from Injury.


Package included:

1 * Chain Saw Sharpening Unit

2 * Sharpening Stone


Excellent shopping experience:

In addition to a whetstone in the chain cutter, we also give an extra whetstone for easy replacement.



Material: Whetstone + Plastic + ABS

Color: Yellow

Size: 8.3 x 5.9 x 1.2 inches

Suit for 14/16/18/20-inch one/two holes Chainsaw

Please Notice:

  • The whetstone is detachable.
  • If the whetstone is loose after opening the package. This is normal, You just need to reinstall it.