60% Off Today-Window Screen Repair Patch

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Mesh Hole Repair is a quick, easy and affordable repair solution. Simply place the screen patch over the damaged area, heat for 60 seconds with a blow dryer.

Don't spend time searching for a new replacement; make it new in seconds with Stainless Steel Mesh Hole Repair.


  • Quick Repair

fixes and patches any damaged holes in less than a minute.

  • Easy to Use

This kit requires nothing else but heat, and plastic if needed.

  • Universal Fit

1 size fits all - can cut to fit any shape or size.

  • Affordable

A better, cheaper and easier alternative than replacing the entire item.

  • Heavy Duty

Strong and long-lasting - water and weather proof; it only comes off if removed intentionally.


Materials: Stainless steel

Size: 25*12.5CM


1x Window Mesh Hole Repair